An Introvert’s Defense of Sherry Turkle

An Introvert's Defense of Sherry Turkle

Even though I didn’t attend ASAE Annual, I have actually spent a decent amount of my summer thinking about Sherry Turkle, the closing keynote speaker at Annual. Summer has generally been a time when interacting online looses some of its appeal to me–I blogged about it in 2009, and 2010, and apparently had sufficiently burned out on […]

Cool Tool for Associations: Canva for Work

Great Association Tool-Canva for Work (1)

CANVA FOR WORK IS HERE! Ok, sorry, but I’ve been waiting for months for Canva for Work and I finally got access to it last week.  Long story short: it’s pretty awesome, especially for small organizations with no in-house graphic designer and/or no budget to outsource graphic design. In this day and age where communications […]

Current Trends in Association​ Social Media Use

Current trends in association social media use

  Last week I was one of the keynote speakers at Association Trends’ TRENDS Live breakfast event on Association Social Media Top Performance and Best Practices. I talked about current trends in association social media use and the platforms and practices associations are currently using (Facebook is the biggest according to both Association Trends’ Association […]

The Saddest, Best Commentary on How Blogging Has Changed

The Saddest, Best Commentary on How Blogging Has Changed

Ah, summer–why you so busy? I relish summer because I am NOT a cold weather person and generally spend December through April pretty much in hibernation, but the speed with which summer weeks seem to speed by is kind of depressing in its own right. I feel like I haven’t had time to catch a […]

Social Media: What’s Working for Your Association?


This week I’m headed to sunny Norfolk, VA to attend the CESSE Annual Meeting. I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends and making new ones, and especially to getting to see Beth Kanter and hear her talk about networked nonprofits. If you’re there, please be sure to find me and say hi! In a few weeks […]

Goodbye Squarespace–Welcome to Mizz Information 3.0


I know all of you have spent the beginning of your summer obsessing over Squarespace’s shortfalls and building new websites in WordPress, because…summer, right? Well, sadly, I’m nerdy like that so that’s exactly what I have spent a decent chunk of my summer doing so far. I’ve blogged before about Squarespace and some of my […]

What Associations Can Learn from Reddit’s Volunteer Moderator Revolt


According to MGI’s 2015 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, more and more associations are tying member retention to private online communities, citing that “for associations reporting more participation in their private social network, 53% report an increase in membership over the past year, compared to 22% whose membership declined.” Not bad, right? Not to be all […]

Pros and Cons of Periscope for Associations


I just returned from Association Media & Publishing’s Annual Conference, which was awesome. I learned a ton, met some great new people and enjoyed being back in the association media community. I was also lucky to hang out with cool friends like Monica Bussolati, who thought we should experiment with Meerkat and Periscope to livestream parts of […]

Going to #AMP15? I am!


One of the things I love most about working for associations is not being limited to one specific job track. Over my association career, I’ve done pretty much everything, spanning from administrative work to editorial to meeting planning to marketing to web management to social media and community management to marketing to fundraising to…pretty much […]